Crickets chirping and tumble weeds

Started by sabertooth, February 03, 2019, 08:28:40 pm

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Just wondering what shrimp attack is doing to promote its forum, new members, encourage return visits and participation.
Don't take this the wrong way but i login and hear crickets chirping and see tumble weeds roll by with its inactivity.
I thinks its a great idea to have an Australian forum for people to share but it only works if people are more active.
Maybe their is stuff you are working on behind the scenes that we don't know about  that might rectify this?
The forum was off to a good start in the beginning but there needs to be some intervention to keep it rolling along..
Peace Out.
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Maybe we should post on some of the Faceboom pages like SMT auction, Oz shrimp addicts.. etc


Good idea. I reckon you could also find some aquarium shops that would give discount to members if you spoke to them.
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February 13, 2019, 11:00:42 am #3 Last Edit: February 13, 2019, 11:24:54 am by SnappaGuy
Hi Guys,

Firstly, I'm loving the subject 'Crickets chirping and tumble weeds', it bought a smile to my face for sure.  ;D

Traffic, user interaction, sales and generally getting people to participate has long been a webmasters bane, given you
can lead a sheep to water but you can't make the woolly jumbuck drink.   :)

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but the number of guest visitors is steadily rising, with a lot of people browsing but not actually joining and then actively participating. I am a little sympathetic as I am often guilty of the same thing, where I can read a bit of stuff without going to the trouble of creating ANOTHER pesky account. 

With regard what we are doing, I can state that I am actively promoting on sites like Gumtree, FB and Petlink, offer free trumpet snails to members joining the forum and ask all and sundry I come in contact with (who has an interest) to come along and join up. I pressed someone I know to do just that today and his reply was "I don't have much time, I'm a member of 6 other forums and never logon anyway" so it can be a bit of a challenge. In addition to that I am doing some serious SEO in an effort to rank the site on the first page of the results for different keywords, its ranking for different things on pages 5 and 6 but needs to be on page 1 for best results. SEO is laborious and takes time to see results but is essential to any websites well being.

I'm always looking and always receptive to good ideas regarding how to get the word out, so feel free to offer workable solutions and rest assured I will explore there full potential.

The site is starting from the ground up and I expect it may take a little while to gain serious traction and everything you guys can do as members to promote it will be both beneficial and appreciated, there is a mod to enable FB sharing I installed but it has a couple of bugs that I'm working through. When it's fixed, that may be a way to get the word out on FB and generate some additional interest.

In the meantime sabertooth, what about I say to you "for the next five new and active members that you personally recruit, I will pay you $10 each" ... how does that sound, care to put on your thinking cap, take up the offer and do the hard yards?  :)

Shrimp-Attack ran successfully from 2009 until 2016, I believe it has the potential to emulate that success in 2019, with the support of its members and that's why I resurrected it, I could be wrong but time will tell I guess.

Looking forward to great things, happy shrimping ... SnappaGuy.

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February 14, 2019, 03:30:50 am #4 Last Edit: February 14, 2019, 03:42:27 am by SnappaGuy
Hey Again,

Been thinking about things and came up with a couple of other ways members could help with this situation.

Firstly, there was the idea that pet shops could donate goods, that in turn could be offered to new users as incentive to join the forum, great idea and I will explore that directly but what about this? This is a shrimp forum and its members presumably have shrimp, would any member care to donate a few of their shrimp occasionally, to offer as prizes to new members? They in turn will be recognized as 'Life Members' and will display a badge to that effect and have improved privileges about the place, any takers?

Secondly, if members navigate to 'Profile > Actions > Paid Subscriptions' they will observe a range of package's they may select, that results in funds being made available to Shrimp-Attack which I will assure you will be used to pay for advertising on one (or more) of the popular social media platforms in order to boost numbers. Again, these members will have a new badge, improved privileges and in the case of a 'Life Member' a subscription that does not expire for 125 years or indeed LIFE.  :)

Looking forward to comments on this and umm, seeing your shrimp and gold.   :o

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.

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I think the forum is coming along nicely, Rome wan't built in a day and I'm liking the software/theme update, thank you.  :)
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