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You tube shrimp channels

Started by tva351, January 01, 2019, 10:49:00 pm

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Hi everyone. If you are like me you like to educate yourself on what ever subject you find interesting. If you are on this forum, then obviously you are interested in shrimp. I like to go on you tube and look at channels dedicated to shrimp and shrimp keeping. There are three that I think are great. Flip Aquatics, Shrimp Life and Mark's Shrimp Tanks. My favourite is Mark's Shrimp Tanks. The wealth of knowledge this Scot living in Norway has is astounding. He covers everything from setting up to breeding, water changes,best food, etcetera,etcetera. The man has an amazing passion for these little creatures, and once you have watched him once,you can't help but go back over and over again. So next time you are on you tube, give these channels a look. You won't be disappointed.  :D


I find the South African dude at McMerwe Farms one of the most informative >>>
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