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With over 290 species,shrimp of the genus Caridina are one of the most diverse groups within the Atyidae family. They are also the most widely spread shrimp in the aquarium hobby. Once you have cut your teeth on Neocaridina species, the natural progression is to move to Caridina's. With the unlimited colour variations, these shrimp become very addictive. I have various types of Caridina and am looking at setting up more tanks so I can vary my range even more. The major difference between the two species when keeping them as a hobby, is water parameters. I keep Neocaridina in water with total dissolved solids up to 800ppm. I would never ever think of keeping caridina in water over 150ppm tds. The ph  must be neutral to slightly acidic. I use Reverse Osmosis water with a tds of 0 and add Bee Shrimp mineral GH+ to the water in a bucket when setting up a tank getting the tds to around 115-120ppm. Water changes are easy, you just add R/O water straight in as the added minerals stay in the tank only the water evaporates not the minerals. The most important tool to have is the tds meter. They are cheap and mostly reliable. I bought mine off ebay for about $15 dollars,well worth the investment. I hope this gives a basic introduction to anyone thinking of keeping the Caridina species. ;)


This is very interesting and I'm reading this sort of shrimp is not for newcomers to the hobby, would that be correct?
Reverse osmosis water huh, and here I am thinking that water was just wet, silly me.  :)
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Look, Caridina are not for the complete novice but once you understand all the basics involved in keeping Neo's, you will find moving on to more demanding shrimp isn't as difficult as first thought. Stable water quality is the key to any aquatic species thriving in the home aquarium and once that is accomplished, the world is your oyster......or shrimp.  ;)


Is there a reason people move on to caradina or is it because that's just the next step to take?
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For me, it was that I  had always wanted to keep Crystal red and Crystal black. But after doing research, I realized I lacked experience and the correct water for keeping them in. So I started off with Red Cherry and once I tried a few of the other Neo's, I slowly moved on  to Caridina. But the thought of driving all the way to West End brewery to fill up bottles of water annoyed me, so I bought an Reverse Osmosis kit and hooked it up to my laundry sink. I got a 60litre wheelie bin from cheap as chips, rigged it up with a ball float valve in the lid, and I was away. But after keeping crs and cbs for a while I wanted more and so I got more Caridina to the point that my hobby now includes 15 tanks.
Once I set up the rack to hold 6 more tanks in the dining room, my wife has said no more tanks.(The one I set up yesterday is the last one, I promise....).
Anyway, you might just want to keep Red Cherry shrimp and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me it was a stepping stone to what I really wanted. This is your hobby, Morgan. There are no rules. You do what you want to do, not what everyone else is doing. Keep on Shrimpin'. :D