November 14, 2019, 08:25:26 pm

Whats wrong with my snails?

Started by MoJiTo, December 29, 2018, 07:18:33 pm

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There are no shrimp in this tank, I tried several but the betta seemed to like them too much.

I have a 40 litre community tank that has one male betta, 2 albino cory's and 8 neon tetra in it.

It is a planted tank with several different types of plants and has black diamond (i think) sandy type gravel and I have tried to introduce some snails into it but all my attempts so far have kind of failed.

The latest effort involved 12 Malaysian Trumpet Snails which when placed in the tank had a quick look around, closed up and just lay motionless on the bottom. They are not dead they just will not come out and play.  :(

The fish in the tank all forage on the bottom and get up close and personal with the snails, especially the cory's who kick them about like footballs, is that the problem? Are they just afraid of the fish? They won't even burrow in the substrate to get away, they have just sat on top in the one place for days now but if I take them out and put them in my shrimp tank they all turn 'normal'.

I'd really like snails in the community tank, any advice please?

Ima lovin shrimps and mojito's, not necessarily in that order !


Corydora can be boistrous in that they have no manners. They fossic in the substrate continuously thereby annoying the snails. You said your snails shut up shop pretty much as soon as they went into the tank,which is telling me the water conditions in this tank are not the same as your shrimp tank. Water chemistry and conditions are THE most important thing when dealing with aquatic animals. I would compare the conditions in both tanks and see what the differences are. Hope this helps. ;)