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Food for your shrimp buddies.

Started by tva351, March 10, 2019, 03:21:17 am

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A brand of shrimp food I must admit as probably being the best possible shrimp food money can buy is from the Dennerle company. I use a few different types from this company,but my two favourites are the Shrimp King yummy gum and Crusta Brennnessel Stixx.
The first one is a plastisene type of food that you roll into a ball and stick it somewhere in the tank on a rock or whatever and the shrimp can't resist the aroma being produced by it and it doesn't take long for all the shrimp to come over and get stuck into it.
The second food is the Brennnessel Stixx. This food is made from 100% stinging nettle and the shrimp looooooooove them. Seriously, it is like meth or crack to them. Put one or two in the dish(depending on the number of shrimp in the tank) and watch them go for it. It is the only food I have used that the shrimp will physically fight over which is crazy to watch!
When I feed these foods I always put them in a dish and I usually place the dish on one of the filter sponges because the snails like it as much as the shrimp do. I find putting it up high, the shrimp smell it and swim up to the dish and the snails,if they smell it,can't get up to get it until the shrimp have had their fill.
Dennerle makes a lot of different types of food for your shrimps and while not cheap it is definately the very best. ;)


I am just wondering how much these products cost? I have no doubt they are as good as you suggest but cannot help thinking do they provide any additional benefits over what may be a cheap food source.
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I am using something called Algae Wafer made by someone called Pisces and I think it comes from China but its really great value compared to a lot of the others in the pet shops and my shrimp just love it.  :P
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