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Started by tva351, December 30, 2018, 09:48:29 pm

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Hi guy's, If you want to learn more about shrimp,or just a great read then I want to recommend two books that I own. The first is Back to Nature Guide to Nano Aquaria. This book gives many examples of beautiful freshwater nano aquaria and also provides information on how to set up and maintain a nano. It also covers the fishes,shrimps,crayfishes,crabs,snails and plants that can be kept in such a small aquarium.This book contains approximately 490 photos and species descriptions with information on and photos of more than 75 crustaceans (shrimp,crayfishes,crabs) and snails,180 fishes,and 60 plants that are suitable for a nano aquaria. I just love my nano's and this book is the reason why.
The second book I would like to recommend is Invertebrates: Shrimp,Crayfish,Crabs and Snails in freshwater aquaria. This book is written by the two leading authorities in invertebrate keeping in aquaria.This comprehensive handbook full of practical hints and information does not only provide beginning freshwater invert keepers with the basic knowledge about these fascinating creatures,but it also suitable for experienced aquarium keepers who want to discover new stuff and additional information about the natural habitats, special food requirements or breeding in captivity. This comprehensive handbook has all the important species you will find in trade,providing all the information you need in a nutshell, and is illustrated with breathtaking photos. I love these books and you will too. ;D


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I'm off to the book shop, seeya.
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G'day all. Just started reading a new book titled WILDSHRIMP-China Special. Fascinating to see Paracaridina and Caridina shrimp in their natural surroundings in streams and creeks in the hills of China. Written and photographed by the Shrimp experts, Werner Klotz and Chris Lukhaup, this book is 122 pages and contains some fantastic pictures and information for people who keep  Tiger and Bee shrimp. If you're into these shrimp, as I am, then this book is worth a look. ;)