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Food and Shrimp Color.

Started by TheProfessoR, February 18, 2019, 05:21:58 am

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Does what your shrimp eat influence coloring?

The chemical that causes salmon in the wild  to enjoy such vivid coloring is Astaxanthin, which occurs naturally in among other things, algae.

When dwarf shrimp consume food containing this Astaxanthin (found in small doses in shrimp based foods but more concentrated in those foods designed to deliver higher dose's of this carotenoid pigment) then shrimp color will certainly be influenced.

Red Cherry Shrimp that are not predisposed to display the deep, darker reds of higher grade animals will display more color by eating foods containing Astaxanthin than those that do not and variations such as yellow shrimp, could potentially exhibit a new color entirely, such as a bluey green.

Should this introduced food source be removed and subsequently the Astaxanthin, any changes observed will fade and your shrimp over time, will revert back to the color it began with.

Experiments with foods having high concentrations of Astaxanthin have determined that your not going to change your Cherry grade shrimp into Painted Fire Red's, however results have demonstrated that the Red Cherry Shrimp appear to get darker in color, yellow shrimp appear to adopt a bluey green hue, and in the case of Crystal Red Shrimp, they appeared to display a little more contrast.

There is no downside to foods containing Astaxanthin and it's a great antioxidant, and if your looking for foods high in Astaxanthin seek out products containing Krill or those manufactured foods advertising Astaxanthin as a principal ingredient.


I don't doubt that what a shrimp eats can influence their coloring, mine enjoy and eat quite a bit of blanched carrot and not only do they pop but not one of them can be observed wearing glasses.  :D


Would it be better to feed less of these foods if you are trying to improve the strength of the line?


Quote from: Girrig on February 18, 2019, 06:12:09 amWould it be better to feed less of these foods if you are trying to improve the strength of the line?

A valid question, with my own view being it's all relative.

By "strength of the line" I assume you mean color density and hue.

If you offer feeds high in Astaxanthin already, and that remains a constant then your breeding efforts will still shine through.

By that I mean, you should still see any improvements irrespective of its use, so if you improve the line in animals not using it, you will also improve the line in those shrimp who have been, albeit the one using Astaxanthin may be a little more colorful.

At the end of the day, it will be your own attention to the subject at hand, that will do the actually improving.

Happy Shrimping.  :)