October 24, 2019, 09:55:47 am

The Secret to Pollution is Dilution!

Started by sabertooth, March 08, 2019, 03:04:57 am

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It is water change Thursday for me now and while i am sitting waiting for the tank to refill i thought i would just throw it out there to what is everybody doing with their water changes at the moment. We all know water changes are a must in keeping shrimp to dilute the any pollution in the water and replenish minerals used by our plants and shrimp. So what type of water changes are you doing in your tank. I use to do a 20% change every fortnight and i have for the last month or so gone to 25% weekly changes. I have pretty much being using tap water and depending on where it sits on the TDS meter dilute it down with filtered rain water until i get around 230ppm, let it age for around 3-4 days then drip it back into the tank over a 3-4hr process.  MyPlants are growing, shrimps are growing, lots of births, berried shrimp  and everything is awesome to the extent i cannot remember when i had a death. I would have to say weekly water changes of 25% seems to be so beneficial to having noticeable growth and development of my shrimp and plants.
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Personally I'm finding 25% water changes every fortnight have been the best for me , had alot of molting issues doing it weekly. I rotate with one week being my reds and the other weeks I do my Rili and Sunkist tank


Well I do a 20% water change weekly, use tap water, do not do testing of any kind, don't add anything filtered, aged, percolated or dripped and I am pleased to say that my animals are not dying, are berried all over the tank and generally breeding and growing like mad.  ;D

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