So a penguin and a seal are in a car.

Started by MoJiTo, February 16, 2019, 08:47:58 am

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The penguin is driving, it's 105 degrees outside, and being far from the ocean they want to get something to help them cool off. The seal suggests they get some ice cream, so they find a nearby ice cream parlor. They're getting out of the car and the seal says, "Hey, something's wrong with the engine!" the penguin looks underneath the car, and sure enough there is a puddle of oil forming under the hot motor. Fortunately, they see a service station across the street so fighting the heat, they push the car to the shop and ask the mechanic to look at it while they go eat. By this time, the penguin and the seal are about ready to melt, so the penguin orders a huge bowl of ice cream. Unfortunately, he realizes that he cannot use a spoon. Abandoning all composure, the penguin buries his face in the ice cream, getting it all over his face. Meanwhile, the seal enjoys a shrimp basket. Finally, the two finish and go back to the mechanic. "Well," the mechanic says to the penguin from under the hood, "it looks like you just blew a seal." "Nope," replied the penguin, still wiping his face. "Just ice cream."  ::)
Ima lovin shrimps and mojito's, not necessarily in that order !