Whos a little crazy about aquatic life like me?

Started by Zak, February 16, 2019, 05:30:35 am

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Gday all my name is zak, I'm from south Australia and I'm addicted to keeping aquatic life aha I've got 12 aquariums currently set up and another 20+ waiting to be set up (including a 10footer😁)
I'm gonna have a go at listing all my pets but I'm sure to forgot a few lol
15 or so mixed guppies(not including all the fry), 2 sliver sharks, 3 yoyo loaches, 4 kuhli loaches, a huge jaguar cichlid,male half moom betta, 2 yabbies(1m-1fm) 10 mountain Galaxies, 30+ mosquito fish, 1 brown tree frog and 4 marsh frogs, a pretty large Oscar fish, 10+ mollies, a few platys, 2 axolotls, 2 large gold fish, a heap of glass shrimp, too many snails to count of 3 different species and lastly a 9ft long carpet python
I'm sure I've forgotten a few lol but you get the picture my house is a zoo/ aquarium 😂😂😂
Anyone else as crazy as me??


Hello Zak and welcome to the forum.

Err, crikey ... I thought we had a few things going on at my place but it appears to be pretty full on at your residence.   :o

12 tanks and 20 to go, now that's gonna be one hell of a lot of water, they'll have to turn the desalination plant up to 'high' for you.   ;D

A big snake huh, look forward to seeing a pic of that.

And I look forward to seeing you about and to reading your posts.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
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Haha!!! I used to be that crazy but had to completely downsize. 4 4fts 2 2ft, 1 6.5ft but now only a 52l.
I used to rescue Axolotls so had many of those!
Now in the 1 tank I have guppies, bumblebees gobys, shrimp, Bristlenose and snails! I'll be getting a bigger tank hopefully next week to put all those in and leave the small tank for shrimp!

I have muscovy ducks, 2 brushtail possums and 2 ringtail joey possums (being hand reared as they're only babies). I also do fauna rescue and other animal rescue.


Hi Zak, wow your place sounds like a zoo, I LUV IT.  :P
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