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How to look after shrimp

Started by Jollie91, February 16, 2019, 01:31:53 am

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Hey guys!
I'm looking to start up a shrimp tank. What's the best substrate (I use sand for everything else), what's the best plants, best food, general care etc?


Pretty much anything for Neos, I prefer darker substrate like black diamond.
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Hi Jess, neocaridina or cherry shrimp (all the colors) are very easy to keep, with the main thing being stable water conditions. Generally tap water is fine for neo's but always add a bit of water conditioner to counter any unwanted elements found in it. Sand (I sometimes use pool filter sand as it has a good grain size) is perfectly ok but if your going for a planted tank then a substrate suited to that would be better albeit expensive. Sabertooth mentioned something called 'black diamond' but while its pretty and will make the colors of your brighter colored shrimp pop, it will come at a price. As far as feeding, there is a plethora of prepared foods available, checkout some of the posts here for ideas and they will appreciate blanched vegetables as well as clean up algae around the tank, graze on the bio-film that occurs and they will even eat the fish poop that they find laying about. They can live in an unheated tank but they prefer a temperature closer to around 25/26C especially if you wish to breed them. Plants are great in a shrimp tank, they hide among them and it gives the fry protection, try some of the mosses like java which is also easy to look after. You will learn and try different things as you go, some ideas you will adopt long term while others will be discarded as fads or not applicable to you BUT the number one rule will always be STABLE WATER CONDITIONS, do that and you will be fine.  ;D
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