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Price Expectation For Neo's

Started by SnappaGuy, February 13, 2019, 03:02:58 am

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Hiya People,

Just been browsing online relative to Red Cherry Shrimp (red ones) looking to purchase a few more perhaps.

Yes, mine are breeding extremely well but I'm inclined to think including a new line of the same strain will improve things somewhat and having sold a few, am always interested in what people perceive as being appropriate pricing.

That being said, I would like to ask what everyone thought were fair prices for the following:

  • Cherry Adult Juveniles

  • Cherry Adult

  • Sakura Adult Juveniles

  • Sakura Adult

  • Fire Red Juveniles

  • Fire Red Adults

  • Painted Fire Red Juveniles

  • Painted Fire Red Adults

Just price red shrimp presently, we will look at the others in due course but imagine you were selling yours on Gumtree, Petlink, eBay or similar, what would be a fair price to the hobbyist after his efforts and costs and what what be a fair price to the buyer do you think?
I won't accept just any kind of krap, only the highest quality krap will do!


$10 each for top of the line red cherries. If you pay anymore your a mug. I  just purchased some new Caridina sp. "Blue Bolts" from Sydney they were  $100 for 10.


Quote from: tva351 on February 13, 2019, 03:30:28 am$10 each for top of the line red cherries. If you pay anymore your a mug. I  just purchased some new Caridina sp. "Blue Bolts" from Sydney they were  $100 for 10.

So your talking painted fire reds at ten bucks then? And where the blue bolts juvies? How much freight from Sydney?



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Wow that's cheap for shipping by the time you have added the foam esky, breather bag and packing they must be shipping them for free. Maybe you could provide us details of this seller tva. I think half of the street price from a brick and mortar shop is realistic for Gumtree sales. Neos in Adelaide aquarium shops seem to be around; cherries $3, bloody mary $10, red/orange Rili $10, blue dreams $14, blue/black/brown diamonds $6-10, yellow  $6-10, culls $3-4 or cheaper for bulk purchase, so half of that. Most sellers on Gummy are offloading juvies or their culls that are pretty small where as you can selectively hand pick what you want from the aquarium shop and that are much larger adults of breeding age or not far off. On gummy you are pretty much getting a random scoop of the ones they don't want, so factoring that in they need to be cheap for people to want to buy them. If the shops don't have stock you might get away with a higher price but there are goods stocks around in Adelaide at the moment especially for neos. I think you would be kidding yourself if you expect to get shop prices for shrimp that people hand cannot hand select themselves. Never had the greatest luck with Gummy solid juvies anyway once you factor in the mortality rate getting them up to breeding adults you would have been better off paying a bit extra.
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Gumtree. Sydney seller. I was more than happy to pay $115 for 10 blue bolts and shipping. They were packed well,arrived next day and most importantly no DOA's.