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Filters - Water / Re: polyfilter - Im Sold
April 07, 2019, 11:59:54 pm
you can see the difference in colour change from the guppy tank(3 days) vs shrimp tank (24hr).
Filters - Water / Re: polyfilter - Im Sold
April 06, 2019, 09:50:14 pm
Here are my results after running polyfilter 1 week.
PH (7.2), Nitrites(0), Nirtates(0), ammonia (0). pretty much remained unchanged.
TDS is more stable
Tank is sparkly clear
Decided to hold off on my water change and see if i can go for another week.
Shrimp are a lot more active than before. Also found a number of crystal and tiger shrimp that previously were obstaining from sex berried.
Polyfilter pad is starting to go to a dark brown colour so am thinking "might change it out today". My thoughts are the longer you use it the longer it lasts. eg. once it has taken all the crap out of the water and there is no more to take out it should last longer between changes.
Also, put this in another family members tank heavily stocked with guppys and snails on Wednesday and interestingly enough the filter started to turn yellowish green indicating ammonia. None of there snails were moving around  but they called me later and said the snails were going insane crawling all over the tank like they have just woken from a deep sleep. I cant believe people keep fish, dont do regular water changes and testing.
Anybody else had a chance to try this stuff? 
Filters - Water / Re: polyfilter - Im Sold
March 31, 2019, 07:42:04 pm
4"x8" so about 100mm x 200mm. its not a huge pad but is enough for a 180l and you replace it when it goes dark brown/black. My shrimp tanks are in 10 gallon tanks so i have used one pad cut into 5 strips 20mm wide and 200mm long pieces and sat them under the spraybars.
I liked that is adsobs as well as absorbs so you can either have water flowing over it or just pop it in the tank so gives you the option if you are not running secondary filtration and just a single sponge filter like most shrimp keepers are.
I am doing TDS daily and ammonia, nitrite, nitrate every second day to see what it does. The first tank i put it in dropped by 10ppm in tds, ph stable, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate is 0. The pad changes colour to indicate what it is taking out and it seems to be just organic particulate matter. I also had a light oily film on top of the tank that has also dissapeared. Will monitor it over the week to see how it goes. I have fairly detailed readings for how my tank fluctuates between water changes so if it remains stable over a longer period  i will extend my time between water changes.
Filters - Water / Re: polyfilter - Im Sold
March 31, 2019, 01:41:11 am
I got mine from petstock $24, since they match prices i just googled and found the cheapest price and they matched it. I think the shelf price was $26.
Filters - Water / polyfilter - Im Sold
March 30, 2019, 09:19:27 pm
Not sure if anybody has tried this stuff: "Polyfilter" but it is absolutely amazing!  :o  After watching Rachel O'Leary youtube I thought I would give it a go.
I normally run a sponge filter as well as a top filter on my shrimp tanks. my top filter runs wool filter pad, Seachem matrix, filter floss.
On one of the tanks I thought I would do a little experiment I cut a small strip of polyfilter around 20mm wide the length of the filter and sat under my spray bars and about an hour later I thought my water is looking pretty good went to bed and woke up this morning and man my water looks absolutely amazing. My tank is so clear and its inhabitants are way more active it looks like my shrimp are floating on air. 
So this morning I did another test on my small snail breeding set up one of the dirtiest tanks just running a sponge filter I thought I would cut a small square and float it in the water, 2 hours later the tank is clear.
It also apparently removes ammonia, heavy metals including copper, harmful organics, all forms of phosphate. :o
I don't know what voodoo and witchcraft they pack into this stuff but it works a treat.
General / The Secret to Pollution is Dilution!
March 08, 2019, 03:04:57 am
It is water change Thursday for me now and while i am sitting waiting for the tank to refill i thought i would just throw it out there to what is everybody doing with their water changes at the moment. We all know water changes are a must in keeping shrimp to dilute the any pollution in the water and replenish minerals used by our plants and shrimp. So what type of water changes are you doing in your tank. I use to do a 20% change every fortnight and i have for the last month or so gone to 25% weekly changes. I have pretty much being using tap water and depending on where it sits on the TDS meter dilute it down with filtered rain water until i get around 230ppm, let it age for around 3-4 days then drip it back into the tank over a 3-4hr process.  MyPlants are growing, shrimps are growing, lots of births, berried shrimp  and everything is awesome to the extent i cannot remember when i had a death. I would have to say weekly water changes of 25% seems to be so beneficial to having noticeable growth and development of my shrimp and plants.
Say Howdy / Re: Sabertooth Here - Neocaridina
March 04, 2019, 05:18:05 pm
Quote from: dingus2018 on March 04, 2019, 06:31:04 amHey sabertooth, sounds like you have got the technique down. The way I'm reading your post is that you have all those varieties housed in one tank, am I reading that right?
I have a community tank "skittles tank" of mixed neos that i started around October last year after watching Shrimp Lab and L.R.Bretz's Aquatics youtube's for a bit of fun and well as line specific tanks. The community tank of neo's throws about 10% wilds and is in its 2nd&3rd round of mixed births. The yellows are the first to wash out a bit in a mixed tank and you start to see them transition to green but all the others are still strong colours. 
Also just started another community tank last month of cardinia's, Tangerine and orange eyed blue/blond tigers mixed in with crystal red/black shrimp all kept in regular tap water as an experiment. The bloke i got the cardinia's from was growing them in ph7.4, gh6,kh2, so similar to the tap water in my area. Fingers crossed i get births.
If i get some good colours from the mixed tanks i will move them to a line tank and grow them out.   
Anything Else / Re: What you drinking?
February 24, 2019, 09:37:45 pm
Normally drink wild turkey as a staple and some obscure craft beer, something nice and hoppy suits me. Last week i drank BentSpoke Crankshaft IPA and this weekend The Butcher Red IPA. Every week is different.
Wanted / Orange eyed blue tiger shrimp
February 22, 2019, 04:33:34 pm
Just checking if there is anybody in Adelaide with any Orange eyed blue tiger shrimp they want to offload. Let me know, cheers.
General / Re: new tank!
February 22, 2019, 03:53:37 pm
Should be fine as it is but you can go all out and add cholla wood, elder cones, indian almond leaves, mineral balls,  mosses like java moss etc. Feel free to add some photos
how did you go about sexing them or did you buy a heap and hope for the best?
Quote from: tva351 on February 19, 2019, 06:22:34 pmMoving into the world of Caridina shrimp eh, Sabertooth?
I though i would give it a go since they are pretty much live in the same water conditions as neo's. I tried keeping CRS a few years ago and killed them all so never tried again. Been just over a week and one water change down and these are still alive, so if i can keep them alive for a month i will get some more. The bloke i got them off was just using tap water in a glass bottom tank.  They are monsters lined up against neocarodina, would have to be between 25-30mm long. Got 3 for $15, No idea what sex they are? Looking on the line and it says its hard to sex them and the females tend to be larger than males and i got 2 big and 1 small. so hopefully 2 females and 1 male but only time will tell.

Quote from: tva351 on February 19, 2019, 07:00:36 pmeriocaulaceae sp. Type 2 I reckon. Google it, I reckon this is it. ;)
Googled that and it says "Eriocaulaceae sp. 'Type 2' is a rare and beautiful plant that deserves much popularity. Its slightly twisted leaves brings a touch of elegance to your aquascaping" LOL.
Do you think this is "Guppy Grass", Najas guadalupensis
Does anybody know what plant this is? It came in a bag of orange eyed blue tiger shrimp i purchased. I don't know what it is but i like it. Seems like it is going to survive as it has started to root and sprout new leaves after a week in my tank.
General / Re: Can't sleep!
February 17, 2019, 06:31:28 pm
Love it and no ads.