November 20, 2019, 07:26:42 pm

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Hey there I'm after any info on celestial pearl danios, I've just acquired a small colony (15 or so) and the person I got them off had next to no info on them, I've done some googling but I'd prefer someone that's had them for a while and I can ask questions if I don't understand somethinhg thanks in advance  :)
Fish Buddies / Just set up another tank 😅
March 24, 2019, 12:46:29 am
This hobby has got me hooked ahaha I've set up my 13th tank over the past 2 days it's a 120L planted tank, stocked with 1 large 4 bar cross blue anglefish, 2 small silver sharks, 1 male half moon betta, 7 dalmation mollies, 3 yoyo loaches, 4 Kuhli loaches and a heap of ramshorn and Mystory snails, hopefully I'll be able to add a few cherry shrimp and they won't all be eaten
I'll try attaching a photo, anyone else have planted tanks?
Would love any tips or insights
Gday all my name is zak, I'm from south Australia and I'm addicted to keeping aquatic life aha I've got 12 aquariums currently set up and another 20+ waiting to be set up (including a 10footer😁)
I'm gonna have a go at listing all my pets but I'm sure to forgot a few lol
15 or so mixed guppies(not including all the fry), 2 sliver sharks, 3 yoyo loaches, 4 kuhli loaches, a huge jaguar cichlid,male half moom betta, 2 yabbies(1m-1fm) 10 mountain Galaxies, 30+ mosquito fish, 1 brown tree frog and 4 marsh frogs, a pretty large Oscar fish, 10+ mollies, a few platys, 2 axolotls, 2 large gold fish, a heap of glass shrimp, too many snails to count of 3 different species and lastly a 9ft long carpet python
I'm sure I've forgotten a few lol but you get the picture my house is a zoo/ aquarium 😂😂😂
Anyone else as crazy as me??