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Filters - Water / polyfilter - Im Sold
March 30, 2019, 09:19:27 pm
Not sure if anybody has tried this stuff: "Polyfilter" but it is absolutely amazing!  :o  After watching Rachel O'Leary youtube I thought I would give it a go.
I normally run a sponge filter as well as a top filter on my shrimp tanks. my top filter runs wool filter pad, Seachem matrix, filter floss.
On one of the tanks I thought I would do a little experiment I cut a small strip of polyfilter around 20mm wide the length of the filter and sat under my spray bars and about an hour later I thought my water is looking pretty good went to bed and woke up this morning and man my water looks absolutely amazing. My tank is so clear and its inhabitants are way more active it looks like my shrimp are floating on air. 
So this morning I did another test on my small snail breeding set up one of the dirtiest tanks just running a sponge filter I thought I would cut a small square and float it in the water, 2 hours later the tank is clear.
It also apparently removes ammonia, heavy metals including copper, harmful organics, all forms of phosphate. :o
I don't know what voodoo and witchcraft they pack into this stuff but it works a treat.
General / The Secret to Pollution is Dilution!
March 08, 2019, 03:04:57 am
It is water change Thursday for me now and while i am sitting waiting for the tank to refill i thought i would just throw it out there to what is everybody doing with their water changes at the moment. We all know water changes are a must in keeping shrimp to dilute the any pollution in the water and replenish minerals used by our plants and shrimp. So what type of water changes are you doing in your tank. I use to do a 20% change every fortnight and i have for the last month or so gone to 25% weekly changes. I have pretty much being using tap water and depending on where it sits on the TDS meter dilute it down with filtered rain water until i get around 230ppm, let it age for around 3-4 days then drip it back into the tank over a 3-4hr process.  MyPlants are growing, shrimps are growing, lots of births, berried shrimp  and everything is awesome to the extent i cannot remember when i had a death. I would have to say weekly water changes of 25% seems to be so beneficial to having noticeable growth and development of my shrimp and plants.
Wanted / Orange eyed blue tiger shrimp
February 22, 2019, 04:33:34 pm
Just checking if there is anybody in Adelaide with any Orange eyed blue tiger shrimp they want to offload. Let me know, cheers.
Does anybody know what plant this is? It came in a bag of orange eyed blue tiger shrimp i purchased. I don't know what it is but i like it. Seems like it is going to survive as it has started to root and sprout new leaves after a week in my tank.
Anything Else / Crickets chirping and tumble weeds
February 03, 2019, 08:28:40 pm
Just wondering what shrimp attack is doing to promote its forum, new members, encourage return visits and participation.
Don't take this the wrong way but i login and hear crickets chirping and see tumble weeds roll by with its inactivity.
I thinks its a great idea to have an Australian forum for people to share but it only works if people are more active.
Maybe their is stuff you are working on behind the scenes that we don't know about  that might rectify this?
The forum was off to a good start in the beginning but there needs to be some intervention to keep it rolling along..
Peace Out.
Did you know 1 drop = 0.0648524 mL, WOW :o
Why is this information useful?
Those of us who use water conditioner in their tanks such as API Tap Water Conditioner.  The recommendation of 3ml per 60litres or .05ml per litre when you break it down to de-chlorinate and detoxify heavy metals from tap water.
API give you a pretty crappy measure on the cap witch is only really useful if you have a  large tank and doing big water changes or setting up a new tank/.
Since most shrimp keepers would have around a 10 gallon or 45 litre tank or even nano tanks your water changer are quite small maybe 3-4litres week.
So if you are only changing 4 litres pop in 4 drops with a syringe or pipette and you are pretty much on the money for having the right amount of conditioner in your water.
You may or may not care now about having this new knowledge but some may find it useful.
So your shrimp is berried and you keep looking at your tank and wonder when those little suckers will pop out of those eggs.
Well the Mr. Miyagi of shrimp has developed a formula you can use to get a ballpark.
Hatching Days = 63 - (Temperature(c) x1.6)
So if your water is @ 22c the expected days would be around  28days.
See attached chart for more info.
So as the temperatures are creeping up in Australia its probably a good time to discuss temperature for your Neo's. Since i have a lot of prego females in my tank i was wondering how much the temp will effect the offspring male/female sex ratios since i want to maintain an optimal breeding ratio and don't want a tank full of males. Ideally the temperature should be around  (21-24C) but i have been noticing lately my temps have been going up above this to (25-26C). Since the sex of shrimp seems to be directly related to temperature to remain at a 50/50 ratio of males/females it is ideal to keep a temperature of  23 degrees.  To maintain optimal breeding i have started to make a few changes to my shrimping practices. Reduced the time my lights are on from 10hours to 6hours, popping in a few ice cubes when i am away at work and the A/C is not on ( if I know its going to be a stinker), leaving the top of the tank open to encourage evaporation and not trap in the heat. by making these changes i have been able to stay within the ideal range of  (21-24C). I have also attached a chart to understand temperature vs sex ratio. Feel free to share your experiences.
Neocaridina / Is Adelaide Selling the Smallest Shrimp
January 10, 2019, 06:19:09 am
Over the last few months I have made a number of purchases on Gumtree from SA sellers in the process of restocking my Shrimp tanks and more recently from NSW and VIC sellers. I would have to say the shrimp people are selling in SA are minuscule compared with what you can get from the eastern states. Why are SA sellers selling smaller shrimp when you can get some that are 2-3 times the size and berried within a couple of water changes from NSW or VIC and you have to wait  3 months + for your SA shrimp to even start breeding. Anybody else finding this is the case, what do you think is a fair and reasonable size to sell and should SA breeders lift their game and sell larger more mature shrimp?
Neocaridina / cinnamon for neocaridina shrimp?
January 10, 2019, 03:26:29 am
Anyone use cinnamon sticks in tanks? Thinking about popping in a boiled cinnamon stick for my Neocaridina anybody tried them.
These are suppose to be a aphrodisiac for Caridina not sure about Neo's if anything they will make a nice place for the baby shrimp to hide and more surface area for biofilm.
The Baby Blue Leopard and Pink Ramshorn's hanging out with their shrimp buddy.
Made you look, Why would you want those anyway????  :P
What water parameters are you keeping your neos in do you have a target you aim for and what is the actual?
Target PH (6.7-7.5) / Actual PH (7.2-7.4)
Target Temp (21-24) / Actual Temp (22-24)
Target Nitrate N02 (0)(Keep under <.25PPM)  / Actual N02 (0 stable)
Target Nitrite N03 (0) / Actual Nitrite N03 (0 stable)
Target Ammonia (0)(Keep under <.25) / Actual Ammonia (0 stable)
Target GH (6-8) dH / Actual (6 stable)
Target KH (1-4) dKH / Actual (3 stable)
Target TDS (150-250)(300max) / Actual (270-275)
*I normally change 15-20% if the water weekly but have now gone to fortnightly changes using a blend of tap water and rain water to get it to 200ppm as my normal tap water seems to vary between 269-278.
Say Howdy / Sabertooth Here - Neocaridina
December 27, 2018, 08:51:17 pm
Fairly new to the Shrimp keeping scene with only 6 month down. Have accidentally killed a few due to molting issues but a good test kit has seemed to help me solve this. I have been keeping (Black, Chocolate Brown, Blue) Diamond shrimp, Orange Sunkist shrimp, Bloody Mary shrimp, Blue Dream, Carbon and Blue rilli shrimp. I am not killing them now and the colony seems to be growing so i must be doing something right.
Like everybody I want to give my little shrimpies the best food I can but some they will just not eat leaving me with bags of expensive food just to feed to the snails. So i have started this post to find out what food you have fed to you neo shrimp that they go crazy over.

What i have tried to date, ranked from best to worst:
- 1 Cholla Wood - The shrimp absolutely love the "Cholla" not only to hide in but constantly graze on it to the extent i find wood shavings in the bottom of my tank.
- 2 Hikari Algae Wafers - They swarm to this like kids in a lolly shop. that's great as its super cheap.
- 3 Mironeukton Mineral Powder - They devour this like its going to be their last meal.
- 4 Cucumber - Peeled cucumber, partially cooked or blanched cucumber seems to be a hit.
- 5 Australian Raw Bee Pollen - Fed sparingly but devoured pretty quickly.   
- 6 Snow flake food (soybean) - They seem to love to rip it apart and spread it around the tank not sure if they really eat it as the pile just seems to gets larger not smaller.
- 7 Benibachi Bee Balls - Always a shrimp on the ball.
- 8 Indian Almond Leaves - Only the odd shrimp graze on this. I am not finding IAL skelitons at the bottom of my tank like you seem to see on all the youtube vids.
- 9 Hikari Crab Cusine - Just ends up being fed to the snails.
- 10 Hikari Shrimp Cuisine - another snail food.