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General / MOVED: New Member
January 17, 2019, 05:48:36 pm
Snail Buddies / Bladder snails
January 02, 2019, 01:47:21 am
Bladder Snails ( Physella acuta) are my favourite snail in the shrimp aquarium. I love these guy's ability to clean. They are very fast movers around the tank doing what they do. You may get  Bladder snails  in your tank by purchasing plants and the leaves may have eggs on them. If you have Java fern or Crypts, they may eat holes in the leaves but generally if there is enough food for them to eat, they will leave plants alone. They are good companions to shrimp not harming them in any way whilst providing poo which shrimp find to their liking. They do multiply very quickly, so if you don't have a big tank or lots of tanks to move some into, you might have to manually get some out and cull them. I don't cull mine, I like lot's but each to their own. Bladder snails, Ramshorn, Trumpet, it's all about what makes you happy.  ;D
General / You tube shrimp channels
January 01, 2019, 10:49:00 pm
Hi everyone. If you are like me you like to educate yourself on what ever subject you find interesting. If you are on this forum, then obviously you are interested in shrimp. I like to go on you tube and look at channels dedicated to shrimp and shrimp keeping. There are three that I think are great. Flip Aquatics, Shrimp Life and Mark's Shrimp Tanks. My favourite is Mark's Shrimp Tanks. The wealth of knowledge this Scot living in Norway has is astounding. He covers everything from setting up to breeding, water changes,best food, etcetera,etcetera. The man has an amazing passion for these little creatures, and once you have watched him once,you can't help but go back over and over again. So next time you are on you tube, give these channels a look. You won't be disappointed.  :D
General / General Reading
December 30, 2018, 09:48:29 pm
Hi guy's, If you want to learn more about shrimp,or just a great read then I want to recommend two books that I own. The first is Back to Nature Guide to Nano Aquaria. This book gives many examples of beautiful freshwater nano aquaria and also provides information on how to set up and maintain a nano. It also covers the fishes,shrimps,crayfishes,crabs,snails and plants that can be kept in such a small aquarium.This book contains approximately 490 photos and species descriptions with information on and photos of more than 75 crustaceans (shrimp,crayfishes,crabs) and snails,180 fishes,and 60 plants that are suitable for a nano aquaria. I just love my nano's and this book is the reason why.
The second book I would like to recommend is Invertebrates: Shrimp,Crayfish,Crabs and Snails in freshwater aquaria. This book is written by the two leading authorities in invertebrate keeping in aquaria.This comprehensive handbook full of practical hints and information does not only provide beginning freshwater invert keepers with the basic knowledge about these fascinating creatures,but it also suitable for experienced aquarium keepers who want to discover new stuff and additional information about the natural habitats, special food requirements or breeding in captivity. This comprehensive handbook has all the important species you will find in trade,providing all the information you need in a nutshell, and is illustrated with breathtaking photos. I love these books and you will too. ;D
Caridina / Caridina
December 30, 2018, 12:51:23 am
With over 290 species,shrimp of the genus Caridina are one of the most diverse groups within the Atyidae family. They are also the most widely spread shrimp in the aquarium hobby. Once you have cut your teeth on Neocaridina species, the natural progression is to move to Caridina's. With the unlimited colour variations, these shrimp become very addictive. I have various types of Caridina and am looking at setting up more tanks so I can vary my range even more. The major difference between the two species when keeping them as a hobby, is water parameters. I keep Neocaridina in water with total dissolved solids up to 800ppm. I would never ever think of keeping caridina in water over 150ppm tds. The ph  must be neutral to slightly acidic. I use Reverse Osmosis water with a tds of 0 and add Bee Shrimp mineral GH+ to the water in a bucket when setting up a tank getting the tds to around 115-120ppm. Water changes are easy, you just add R/O water straight in as the added minerals stay in the tank only the water evaporates not the minerals. The most important tool to have is the tds meter. They are cheap and mostly reliable. I bought mine off ebay for about $15 dollars,well worth the investment. I hope this gives a basic introduction to anyone thinking of keeping the Caridina species. ;)
Plants - Substrate / Substrate
December 30, 2018, 12:07:00 am
The best substrate to use with shrimp is Fluval Stratum, ADA, or Ista Shrimp substrate. These substrates buffer the ph to support neutral to slightly acidic conditions and stimulate growth of plants in freshwater aquariums. Made from mineral rich volcanic soil,it will ensure a full compliment of essential macro and micro nutrients. The substrates light,non-compacting,porous structure is also highly beneficial to nitrifying bacteria,which rapidly colonise the vast porous surface,providing optimal water quality for plants.The substrate also provides newborn shrimp with the ideal refuge,allowing them to escape predation until they are large enough to emerge. The substrate will not discolour the water and helps control discolouration caused by the tannins in driftwood when used. I use this substrate in all my aquariums and I highly recommend it. p.s   If keeping Neo's you don't have to use this substrate as it will buffer the ph to the acidic side of things. Neo's prefer neutral to alkaline where they thrive. This substrate is better for keeping Caridina in.
Say Howdy / Shrimp,Shrimp and more Shrimp
December 25, 2018, 11:23:47 pm
Hi guys and gals, My name is Trevor (tva351) and an avid shrimp keeper of Caridina and Neocaridina shrimp. I am usually fairly busy with work and family,but will be on when I can. I keep Crystal Red and Black, Tiger, Tangerine Tiger, Pinto, Snow White bee, Aura Blue, Ghost Shrimp and most of the Cherry varieties, Red, Blue, Chocolate etc. Hope to catch up for a chat on the forum and I hope it will be a great success. Cheers, tva351. ;)