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Commercial / Website for Sale
March 12, 2019, 12:19:41 am
Hello Everyone,

Is anyone reading this interested in acquiring their own youtube video downloading website?

The web property is located atTubeoGrab.Com so please feel free to go along and inspect the site.

It is super easy to look after, basically just set and forget and anyone buying it will be provided 12 months free website hosting, so its basically walkin/walkout.

This is an ideal situation for anyone wishing to become a webmaster or also for someone to add an interesting little tool to their present portfolio.

Anyone who may be interested can reply here or send me a PM.

Regards ... Snappaguy.
Equipment / Swap Drone For RCS
February 16, 2019, 03:23:02 am
Hi Guys,

I have a little drone, surplus to my requirements that I'd be willing to swap for $40 worth of Red Cherry Shrimp.

Cost $129 new, comes with the original box, has a few spares, works fine and not to difficult to fly.  :o

Let me know if anyone's interested?


Please Read / Forum Software Upgrade
February 15, 2019, 05:05:29 am
Howdy One and All,

We have just upgraded to the latest stable release of SMF's forum software, which is why you'll note things look a bit different.

This version has many bug fixes and security enhancements, and supposedly provides a better user experience, have a poke about and report back as I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

I will be tweaking things a bit going forward, so don't be surprised to see some additional changes as things develop.

Regards ... SnappaGuy.
Please Read / Posting Video Footage
February 13, 2019, 10:06:08 am
Hello All,

We have just added a mod that enables the posting of video footage from a large number of social platforms.

If you have some footage you'd care to post, then please feel free to do so.

The platforms currently supported are displayed below, all you need do is enter the videos URL and it's auto posted, hope it's useful.

Neocaridina / Price Expectation For Neo's
February 13, 2019, 03:02:58 am
Hiya People,

Just been browsing online relative to Red Cherry Shrimp (red ones) looking to purchase a few more perhaps.

Yes, mine are breeding extremely well but I'm inclined to think including a new line of the same strain will improve things somewhat and having sold a few, am always interested in what people perceive as being appropriate pricing.

That being said, I would like to ask what everyone thought were fair prices for the following:

  • Cherry Adult Juveniles

  • Cherry Adult

  • Sakura Adult Juveniles

  • Sakura Adult

  • Fire Red Juveniles

  • Fire Red Adults

  • Painted Fire Red Juveniles

  • Painted Fire Red Adults

Just price red shrimp presently, we will look at the others in due course but imagine you were selling yours on Gumtree, Petlink, eBay or similar, what would be a fair price to the hobbyist after his efforts and costs and what what be a fair price to the buyer do you think?
Please Read / Apologies For The Site Being Down.
February 05, 2019, 05:04:04 am
Hello Everyone,

Apologies if you tried to login and found the site was down.

Its happened a few times now and is due to issues with the present hosting provider who cannot assure me the problems are addressed longer term.

That being said, I am looking at alternate providers with a view to moving to a more stable environment in the near future.

Regards ... SnappaGuy.
Commercial / This is AWESOME !
January 08, 2019, 05:22:11 am
Howdy Everybody,

I'm posting here on behalf of the forum regarding a truly spectacular virtual aquarium for your pc or mac.

If you keep anything fishy, then this is an absolute treat when your away from the fish room and in front of the pc (or mac).

The graphics are simply the best, and you change change all sorts of parameters, add new fish and much more besides, I was blown away viewing it.

There is a demo download available which will obviously have a couple of limitations but for a very reasonable $19.95, you get a serial key to unlock all of its features.

The forum would be grateful if you clicked on the image below to visit the site and perhaps purchase, with $2.50 coming to Shrimp-Attack to be put towards making the forum better for everyone.

Go and have a look, even if you don't buy, the demo itself is a sight to behold.   8)

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.

Please Read / Adsense Ads
January 07, 2019, 09:39:18 am
G'day All,

I have included a couple of unobtrusive (I hope) Google Adsense ads in the header and footer, if it earns a few pennies this will go to the cost of hosting and any improvements about the place going forward.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
Please Read / Changing Things
January 01, 2019, 10:09:01 am
Hello All,

If you see something flash before your eyes and thought "what was that", it may just be me moving/changing things as we go, my apologies for any disruption.

You might have also noticed some social media buttons under the posts and maybe worked out they are not working, kindly note we are working on their functionality and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
Please Read / New Global Moderator
January 01, 2019, 10:03:02 am

Just a quick line to announce that tva351 has been appointed our first global moderator and he will provide assistance around the forum, don't be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself to him.

Congratulations on your appointment tva351.   ;D
Tanks - Racks / All In One Tanks
December 31, 2018, 05:30:15 am
Howdy Everyone,

What is the general consensus on these tanks with filters, lights and other features built in?

I'm inclined to believe they do fill a niche but your limited in options if you have specific requirements.
Livestock / Free Malaysian Trumpet Snails
December 30, 2018, 10:55:41 am

I have a considerable number of these snails from tiny to quite reasonable in size.

Some say 'no way' and others say 'yes please' but I like them as they do a GREAT job of housekeeping.

The gooble up your algea, aerate the substrate and shrimp look kewl riding them around.   :D

I will make them available to forum members in packs of twenty for FREE, so if anyone would like some, let me know below.

Wanted / Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Wanted
December 26, 2018, 07:15:57 am

If anyone has any Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp for sale please let me know as I am interested in aquiring them.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
Neocaridina / Neocaridina davidi
December 26, 2018, 06:58:59 am
Neocaridina davidi is a freshwater dwarf shrimp originally from Taiwan and is very common in aquariums.

Its natural coloration is in fact a greenish-brown, however a wide variety of colors including black, blue, orange, violet, red, green and red but its the red morph that is most frequently bought and sold.

The density and intensity of coloration on adult shrimp depending on their breeding will ultimately determine their final sale price and quality or grading.

Fully grown shrimp can achieve about 4 centimetres (1.6 in) in length and they prefer clean, stable water with a pH between 6.5 and 8, with a temperature between 14 and 29 °C (57-84 °F) but are probable most comfortable at 22 °C (72 °F) and all things being equal they will live for between one and two years.

These little fellows have previously been classified as Neocaridina heteropoda and Neocaridina denticulata sinensis, however are now known as Neocaridina davidi based on the oldest known published description of this particular species.
Filters - Water / Sponge Filters
December 26, 2018, 01:49:11 am
Hello All,

Interested to here of anyones thoughts and experinces with sponge filters of the type shown?

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
Fish Buddies / Any Safe Fish?
December 26, 2018, 01:43:29 am
Howdy All,

My question today is, in your experince, are there ANY fish species that can 100% safely be kept with shrimp that you are breeding?

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
Please Read / Merry Christmas 2018
December 25, 2018, 08:06:19 pm
Hello Eveyone,

Just a line to wish everyone and their families a safe and Merry Christmas for 2018.

We look forward to great things in the new year and hope to see everyone around the board then.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
General / CrossBreeding and Chart
December 23, 2018, 11:59:26 pm
Which Shrimp Together?

There is no question dwarf freshwater shrimp are both gorgeous and addictive.

So why can't I put different types of shrimp in together to make a vibrant color mix in my tank?

Because some types of shrimp require very specific water parameters which may not suit other types but beyond this, there is potential your different shrimp varieties could simply interbreed/crossbreed in the same tank.

This  type of interbreeding between differing species or differing color morphs of a same species will produce hybrids that may not replicate the coloring of their parents, they may be something else entirely different.

Kewl To Create New Variety?

Generally the answer is no, given most of these new shrimp will resemble a wild version of their type.

Its likely they will be smaller and have lost much of their parents coloration with these animals usually more translucent and varying shades of pale brown and gray which are generally considered to be un-attractive.

One of the easiest ways to indentify if two shrimp varieties will interbreed is to determine their scientific names and make a comparison.

A scientific name is both the genus and species and so for the popular dwarf variety 'red cherry shrimp' (RCS) and using the scientific name of neocaridina davidi var. 'red' we can determine that its genus is neocaradina and its species is davidi with a red color variation.

A similarly popular dwarf freshwater variety are crystal red shrimp (CRS) having a scientific name of Caridina cf. cantonensis var. 'crystal red' where caridina  is the genus and  cantonensis is the species with a variation of 'crystal shrimp'.

Shrimp having identical genus and species will most certainly interbreed resulting in hybrids and ocassionally though NOT always shrimp having a similar genus name will interbreed, also resulting in a hybrid.

From the examples you see that red cherry shrimp (RCS) and crystal red shrimp (CRS) have differing genus meaning they will most certainly not interbreed but in the case of lets say, yellow shrimp (neocaridina davidi var. 'yellow') and the blue pearl shrimp (neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis var. 'blue') it is to be accepted that they will sucessfully interbreed given they share the same genus.

The good news to be taken from this is that is that shrimp with different genus will NOT interbreed and can be safely housed in the same tank.

Crossbreeding Chart

Attached to this post is a chart that should simplify the task of choosing those species that can co-habitate in the one aquarium, please feel free to download your own copy.

Handsome Hybrids Hard

The reason creating hybrid shrimp is somewhat daunting is that shrimp don't breed like other organisms, whereby you can cross two different species and combine the best characteristics of both.

In the case of these little creatures, you cannot take a Yellow Shrimp and cross it with a Blue Shrimp to create a "Green Shrimp" ... sorry NOT gonna happen.

Usually, selective breeding is the way to create new colorful strains. With this type of selective breeding shrimps with colors of interest are taken from the wild, with the desired sought after colors breed out over future generations.

Having said that however, there are cases creating hybrids makes great sense and can result in absolutely gorgeous shrimp with a stable genus, checkout KingKong Panda shrimp if this holds your interest.

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.
The Spam Spot / Posting Rules - Read Before Posting
December 23, 2018, 12:05:42 am
Dear Advertisers,

If you wish to promote your various products, then please post in this board.

As long as its lawful and is acceptable to the broader community we welcome your contribution
but be aware using the other boards for this purpose won't be tolerated and will result in a short stay.

Above all else, your contribution MUST be in English and your content MUST be unique, if its spun and pasted all over
the WWW then sorry but we do NOT want it here.

It should also be of a beneficial and interesting nature to the members of Shrimp-Attack for it to be acceptable.

In other words, not just any crap will suffice, we demand crap of the highest quality and the moderators and myself
will be the sole judges of what is or is not appropriate content to host on our forum.   :D

CrazyElk has been appointed moderator for this board, please take care, he's umm CRAZYYYY !

Cheers ... SnappaGuy 
Snail Buddies / Malaysian Trumpet Snails
December 22, 2018, 11:02:26 am
G'day All,

Interested to read some differing perspectives on Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

I just added a number to a 40L tank containing RCS believing them to be beneficial members of the community.
I understand in certain circumstances they can present a problem, whats everyones thoughts on this?

Cheers ... SnappaGuy.