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Adelaide Tap Water

Started by Girrig, January 24, 2019, 10:05:04 pm

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I'm currently trying to decide whether to keep using RO water remineralised with shrimp Mineral  for my 3 neo tanks or switch them to Adelaide tap water. What would you recommend? What are people's experiences with Adelaide tap water? Any issues or problems?


Why are you keeping Neocaridina in r/o water? You only need r/o water for Caradina. I'm sorry, I don't get why. Are you then raising the ph aswell because Neo's are happier in neutral to slightly alkaline water. All of my Neo's are in Adelaide water straight out of the tap. You're not keeping those glass shrimp in r/o water are you? Might explain a few things about why you were having issues with them.


Was suggested to me by breeder I purchased from :(

Should I gradually change it with water changes?


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The tds you need to shoot for is 250ppm. Neo's will thrive not just survive. Fill a glass of water with tap water, shove your tds meter in it, push the button. Anything between 200ppm and 600ppm ya sweet. At least down the track if you want to start keeping Caridina, you have an r/o system which is needed. I, personally, would start to gradually change them over to tap water. Make sure you put a montmorilinite rock in each tank aswell. Good luck.😉


Yeah picked some up recently so should be sweet


I find tap water is just fine our tap water in my suburb of Adelaide seems to be between  TDS: 255-264, PH7.2, GH2, KH 6. Water TDS seems to drop after you have run the tap for a while and then a little more after it has also sat over night. I tried the using pure RO water and Salty Shrimp Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ but my PH was always lower around 6.8 and my snails could not hack it and would crawl into their shell like it was melting them, the shrimps seemed to have more molting issues using RO & SS. I seem to have less molting deaths just using tap water and Mironeukton Mineral Powder.
I normally just add water conditioner to my tap water let it sit over night and then add rain water to adjust the TDS to 250 really only taking off any increase of TDS due to adding water conditioner and when i do my water change add a little Mironeukton Mineral Powder which brings my ph to a stable 7.4 and GH to around 7. When my TDS hits 300 i do a water change normally after every 1.5 to 2 weeks.
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That's what I use plus a bit of conditioner and everything is going great in my tank. Never heard of that rock before but will do some searching online.
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