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The best substrate to use with shrimp is Fluval Stratum, ADA, or Ista Shrimp substrate. These substrates buffer the ph to support neutral to slightly acidic conditions and stimulate growth of plants in freshwater aquariums. Made from mineral rich volcanic soil,it will ensure a full compliment of essential macro and micro nutrients. The substrates light,non-compacting,porous structure is also highly beneficial to nitrifying bacteria,which rapidly colonise the vast porous surface,providing optimal water quality for plants.The substrate also provides newborn shrimp with the ideal refuge,allowing them to escape predation until they are large enough to emerge. The substrate will not discolour the water and helps control discolouration caused by the tannins in driftwood when used. I use this substrate in all my aquariums and I highly recommend it. p.s   If keeping Neo's you don't have to use this substrate as it will buffer the ph to the acidic side of things. Neo's prefer neutral to alkaline where they thrive. This substrate is better for keeping Caridina in.


Great post, does this substrate ever 'run out' of its goodness, do you replace it at intervals and how long between changes?
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !


They reckon it will exhaust itself out of it's buffering capabilities after about 2 years. I reckon after 2 years a change around of the tank maybe in order but it's up to the individual.


Just a note on the substrate. I use fluval stratum, Ista shrimp substrate etc. as a buffer to maintain the ph below 7. If you aren't concerned about this, then any sort of small substrate will suffice. I have heard pool sand is popular.